Liseli Lezbiyen Porno İzle Altyazılı| Jenna J Ross & Kate England

Okul gezisine giden fıstık liseli genç genç Kızı Jenna, oda arkadaşı olmak zorunda olduğu genç genç Kızı Kate’ten hiç hoşlanmamıştır. Kız aşırı sessizdir ve Jenna bu durumdan korkmaktadır. Hatta annesini arayıp bundan yakınmaya bile başlamıştır. Sonrasında üstüne bir de onu külotlarını koklarken yakalayınca daha da ürkmüştür… Ama aynı zamanda azmıştır da… Acaba ikili birbirlerine alışabilecekler midir? HD 1080p Türkçe altyazılı fıstık liseli Kızı Kızıa lezbiyen porno izle ve indir.

Panty Sniffing Weirdo

Teen Jenna J Ross is on a school trip and she’s not happy about sharing a room with the weird girl from school Kate England who hardly says a word. Jenna’s packed a suitcase full of fancy lace panties. When she leaves the room to take a shower, Kate starts sniffing them and really lightens up! She gets undressed and slips on a cream colored pair.

When Jenna comes back in a towel she yells at Kate for touching her stuff. Kate hands her the burgundy panties and suggests that she put them on to see how they look against her skin. Self-centered Jenna chills out when she starts rambling on about her favorite colors and her cute booty. In that moment of bonding, Jenna realize that Kate’s got potential under that big hoodie. She advises her not wear it again, and Kate pulls it right off, revealing her natural tits underneath. Jenna sees that Kate’s wearing her panties and gets mad at her again. But Kate remains unperturbed and asks if she can sniff them. Jenna is confused as to why she’d want to smell her dirty panties, but if she promises to stop touching her stuff, she can have a sniff. She pulls on a red pair and bends over so Kate can sniff her panties from behind. Download HD Turkish subtitled fıstık liseli Kızı Kızıa lezbiyen porno izle for free.

After a few more sniffs, Kate convinces Jenna to lie down and let her inhale more of her panties’ scent. She promises to take her shopping for more pairs, then she noses her way inside Jenna’s panties and licks her pink slit. Jenna slips them off breathless and gives Kate a proper taste of her pussy. Since Kate’s pretty cool after all, Jenna lets her keep a purple pair to stuff inside her pussy. Kate straddles Jenna’s face till she’s wet enough to insert the panties. Jenna watches Kate stuff her sopping pussy with the lacy undies. Then she licks her lesbian clit till her panties are soaking in cum. Jenna pulls them out slowly then sits on her face. She licks her friend’s pussy till they cum simultaneously in 69.

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